Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jehra Patrick's New Museal explores behind the scenes of the art world

Jehra Patrick’s New Museal was the perfect show to stumble on during a quiet Sunday walk. Soo VAC was silent as we entered, setting the tone for a show that highlights the quiet contemplation in gallery spaces.

Patrick’s expansive canvasses are dreamy and serene, inviting you to imagine the impending interactions in the spaces she paints. Our echoing footsteps were a fitting compliment to Patrick’s work, which featured empty art galleries, half prepared for a show that is never revealed.

Patrick refers to this peek into the preparation of exhibition spaces as “banal… ‘non-art’ moments “, but her images suggest otherwise. New Museal’s attention to the art of behind-the-scenes labor that goes into creating the atmosphere for a show is transportative. Her rooms beg for you to run through with Sharpies and draw all over the walls.

New Museal will be running at Soo VAC until March 25th. Hours and details can be found on Soo VAC’s website. Also check out New Museal: A conversation with Jehra Patrick and Jill Vuchetich On February 22nd at 7PM at Soo VAC for “a candid discussion about the role of archives within a contemporary art museum and how diachronic documentation of museums and art have influenced Patrick’s work.”