Wednesday, May 9, 2012

7:7:7 a Storytelling Event at BLB (5/13)

"7:7:7" 7 Stories, 7 Minutes, 7 Turning Points: an Unlikely Storytelling Event is only 4 days away! On Sunday, May 13, we’ll be piling into the Bryant Lake Bowl Theater to hear/watch some fantastic storytellers, and we hope you’ll join us. Tickets are going fast, so get yours today!

This event is indoors, so it’s happening regardless of the weather! This would be a way to wind down and have a brew after the outdoor craziness of the May Day parade (we'll have puppets, too!). Bryant Lake Bowl’s excellent food and drinks are available to order form inside the theater, which means you could turn the whole event into a Mother’s Day dinner, complete with entertainment!

Dance by Poetry In Motion
Music by Brian Laidlaw
Live Painting by Zach Koss
Short Story by Casey Peterson
Puppet show by Reed Ellis Aubin performing The Pollen Road
Traditional Storytelling by Beverly Cottman
Improv by Matt Johnson

We all tell stories, every day, as an integral part of our lives, through Facebook status updates, Twitter feeds, conversations, and body language. The Yes!Lets Collective has invited a varied cast of writers, dancers, visual artists, musicians, and (even) puppeteers, to explore how we use sight, sound, and movement to convey the stories that shape our shared experiences.

Please join us this Sunday, May 13 at Bryant Lake Bowl (810 West Lake Street, Minneapolis / 612-825-8949). Tickets are $7-12, pay what you can, and can be purchased in advance online at Doors at 6:30p.m. Show at 7p.m. sharp.

RSVP at our Facebook page.