Monday, May 14, 2012

OUR STORY from 7:7:7

Once upon a time there was a dragon and he flew far far away. But then the dragon stopped to look for the person who lived behind a really sexy female dragon who was busy eating onions who had an accent and really bad breath but that didn’t stop him. The Dotson came out from his kennel and came out from his kennel and cam. Reared up on his hind legs. A lullaby to his friend.

He sand about the stars, but then he woke up and realized he was a dragon. But then he thanked his mother anyways because he loved her so much. But then he said to himself seize the day. Then he said, that’s so cliché. But that’s okay so he turned around and he saw a giant schnoodle. The schnoodle continued to sing a song to the dragon who breathed flame on him?? HE ATE A WAFFLE!!! And everybody stopped to take a breath. Jk. Lol. (laughter)

He said WOW this is sum good maple surple. But still… Wasn’t there a lady dragon? At this here waffle huis? I have to go find that lady dragon, maybe she’s in the bathroom. I could show off my recipes! But what if she’s lactose intolerant. Should I shave my legs? Scales don’t shave well. But I wax anyway.