Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Internet Cat Video Film Fest 8.30.12!

While normally viewed alone on a computer screen, our unofficial cat-lady-in-residence invites you to come gather together on the field and LOL in the presence of others as your favorite silly cat videos are projected larger-than-life one after the other. Experience the joy of a surprised kitten or keyboard cat together. Participate in this experiment that tests the social boundaries of the online community with a live, off-line event as we attempt to gather in physical space and real time to enjoy one of the internet’s most popular phenomena.

The night's festivities start at 4 pm with Death Metal Drawing Club with, and "_____________ is what we make together" Open Field letterpress poster printing with Lunalux, at 6 pm The Big String will be happening on the upper deck, and live music from Brain Laidlaw and the Family Trade starts at 7 pm!

Our community partners, Feline Rescue, Animal Humane Society, and The Wildcat Sanctuary, will also have a presence at the event.